Equipment Service

Maintenance is a regulated and ongoing set of preventive measures aimed at maintaining the good condition of hydraulic and electrical equipment during its operation.

The initial data for the scope and frequency of maintenance and current repairs of equipment are:
- Climatic conditions for the use of the hydraulic drive of the HDDWRP "Geron +";
- Load;
- Working conditions.

Maintenance (warranty and post-warranty) is carried out by a specialized service team certified in accordance with industrial safety requirements in the oil and gas industry, established by federal laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.

The hydraulic drive "Geron +" shall be supervised by service team, trained according to a special program developed and approved by the equipment producer.

2. Training
Our technical team will train your service personnel, equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain the equipment in optimal working condition.

3. Spare parts and repair
"Konkov's Petro-hydraulic drives" will provide the oil fields and end users with the necessary spare parts.

4. Information support
Technical supervision, necessary documentation, software updates, information support are provided throughout the operation of the supplied equipment.

The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of the hydraulic drive "Geron +" with the requirements of GOST R 31832-2012 and TU 3665-003-91087099-2014, provided that the consumer comply with requirements for safe transportation, storage, installation and operation regulated by the operational documentation supplied with the hydraulic drive.

The warranty period for the hydraulic drive "Geron +" is 24 months from the date of commissioning.