The innovative company "Konkov's petro-hydraulic drives" is part of Mayak Corporation, a diversified vertically integrated holding founded in 1987 by the honored builder of Russia Mr. Vladimir Konkov.

The company "Konkov's petro-hydraulic drives" specializes in the design, production and maintenance of oil production equipment -hydraulic drives Geron +.
The Geron + hydraulic drives manufactured by the company have the following advantages:

• increase oil production up to 60%, by means of stimulation of low debit wells;*

• reduce operating costs by up to 50% or more, due to the automatic control system, intelligent mode, extended inspection interval (once every 3 months) and maintenance (once every six months);

• save up to 30% of electricity - due to the frequency converter, which recuperates electricity when the rod moves down;**

• installation and commissioning of the hydraulic actuator within 4 hours, without the need to dismantle the mechanical unit;

• analyze the operation of the equipment in real time, and manage production remotely using telemetry;

• by means of dynamic level control allows to achieve maximum filling of the pump and work in standalone mode (without human intervention);

• Automatically adjust the maximum effective mode of production, taking into account the dynamic level of the well;

Hydraulic actuators "Geron +" have been successfully tested both in Russian and foreign oil fields. In terms of productivity and quality, Geron + is superior to similar equipment from leading manufacturers in Russia, the USA, Canada and Germany.

* depending on the geological background of the well
**With the technical feasibility of the power grid

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    Нагянь, ХМАО — Югра, Россия
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    Дебет добычи пластовой жидкости на этой скважине обычной нефте-качалкой 6 м3/сут.

    После установки нефтегидро-привода Конькова дебет добычи пластовой жидкости составляет
    8–9 м3/сут.

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